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Tea of the Month Club

Perfect for someone new to tea or as a gift for a tea connoisseur.

Each month Tea of the Month Club participants will automatically receive, via U.S. Priority mail, 4 oz. of a carefully-chosen tea. Four ounces will make approximately fifty 8 oz. cups. The individual teas chosen each month will vary depending on membership level, availability and personal preferences.

The three different levels denote increasing levels of quality and rareness. Premium teas are very good, select teas are phenomenal, and rare teas are world class - sometimes one of a kind - teas.

Tea of the Month Membership Levels

Membership Level
6 month membership
12 month membership

*All memberships need to add an additional $34.20 for postage for each six month membership span. i.e., for a six- month membership add $34.20, for a twelve month membership add $68.40. This applies to all membership levels.

Since this is such a personal gift, we ask folks who are thinking of buying a Tea of the Month Club membership to give us a call on our toll-free number (877) 768-7233 so that we can customize selections to best suit individual tastes. Residents of the Twin Cities metro area, please call 651-788-9971.

TeaSource Tea of the Month Selection Process

Picking out a tea for a friend or loved one can be difficult, but a Tea of the Month Membership is easy. All you have to do is chose between a six month membership or a twelve month membership. We may ask if you know anything specific that the new member may like, dislike, or is allergic to, but do not worry, we mail an introductory note to each member and invite them to share their tea preferences. Some members like the surprise not knowing their tea. Others like to limit the selection to black teas, fruit flavored, or herbal. What a fun way to give someone the gift of tea!

Steps to Make Ordering Easier

*Premium, Select, and Rare are designations our store makes to place the teas into categories.

*Premium teas are available year round, most likely machine harvested, and may have a smaller or broken leaf.

*Select teas are not always available, have a fuller leaf, and are either machine harvested or hand picked.

*Rare teas are truly special. They are produced in smaller lots, have full leaves from the most prized part of the tea plant, and are only available in limited quantities.

*If the new member really enjoys herbals, or caffeine-free teas, the best category would be Select, since the largest selection of these fall into the category. We do not carry any Rare herbal blends or caffeine-free teas.

*Straight (unflavored or unscented) black, oolong, and green teas have the most Rare designations.

*We do not carry any Rare flavored or scented teas, with the exception of some Jasmine varieties.

*Premium or Select are great categories if the new member likes fruity or spicy teas, or a wide variety of teas.


More Information

Our TeaSource employees can answer any other questions concerning the Tea of the Month Club. Call our toll free number: 1-877-768-7233 or email: orders@teasource.com

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