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How to Select a Tea

How to Select a Tea

With over 3000 varieties of tea, how do you choose teas that will appeal to you? This section should be particularly helpful to those who are new to tea, but even long time tea drinkers may find some new information or become inspired to try a new tea.

For newcomers to tea, we recommend taking our Tea Interview

1. Are you looking for low, or no-caffeine beverages? If yes, view our White teas, Rooibos blends, or Tisanes (Herbal). If no, go to the next question.

2. Are you interested in real tea, or herbals? All real tea comes from the same plant, camellia sinensis, this includes: black tea, oolong tea, green tea, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, etc. Things like Peppermint or Chamomile come from different plants, not the tea plant, and thus actually contain no tea, and are commonly called herbal drinks.

If you are interested in herbals go to the Tisane/Herbal section.
If you are interested in real tea go to the next question.

3. Do you have any idea as to what kind of tea you are interested in? If yes, go to that category of tea or use the Search function to go directly there. If no, go to the next question.

4. Are you looking for a full-bodied tea? If yes, go to the Black tea section. If no, go the next question.

5. Are you looking for a light cup? If yes, visit Green teas or White teas. If no, go to the next question.

6. Are you looking for an in-between cup (in terms of strength)? If yes, browse our Oolongs or Pouchongs.

7. Are you looking for a straight tea (nothing but tea), or are you looking for a scented/flavored tea? i.e. tea that has had some other taste added (for example: Earl Grey, or black tea with peach, or jasmine, or green tea with lemon etc.)

If you are looking for a flavored tea, go to the appropriate tea category (Black, Green, or Oolong) and browse "Blends."
If you are looking for a straight tea, check out teas in the appropriate category under Teas.

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