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Sample Days

Join us on Tuesdays and Thursdays at all of the TeaSource locations for Sample Day. We feature five (5 oz.) cups of tea for $3.50. It is a great way to try new teas and enjoy some of your favorites!

Teas featured on sample days are 20% off for bulk in-store purchases on Tuesdays & Thursdays.
This offer is only available in retail stores.

November 4: Seasonal Favorites

featuring... Giddapahar Estate 2nd Flush SFTGFOP1, Roasted Chestnut, Blue Beauty Oolong, Candy Apple White, and Chocolate Safari

November 6: Black Teas

featuring... Badamtam Estate 1st flush SFTGFOP1, Chamraj Estate OP, Lumbini Estate OPA Large Leaf, Keemun Mao Feng, and Kenya Milma Estate

November 11: Complex Oolongs

featuring... Rare Orchid Oolong, Ti Kwan Yin Emerald, Amber Oolong, Jade Beauty Oolong, and Oriental Beauty Supreme

November 13: Sheng Puers

featuring... 2005 Sheng Puer Yin Hao Cake 200g, 2005 Sheng Puer Tuo Cha 1st Grade 100g, 2007 Witch’s Broom Sheng Puer, 2007 Sheng Puer Supreme, and 2012 Sheng Puer Cake 200g

November 18: Silver & Pearls

featuring... Black Pearls, Pearl Pouching, Nepali Silver SFTGFOP, Silver Bud, and White Tip Silver Needle

November 20: Green Tea for Beginners

featuring... Dragonwell, High Mountain Green, TeaSource Green Iccha Kariban, and Sencha Uji

November 25: Black Tea Friday Favorites

featuring... Longview Estate 1st flush FTGFOP1, Ceylon Burning Sun, Keemun Hao Ya A, Black Bud, and Yunnan Jin Hao

November 27: Happy Thanksgiving!

All TeaSource locations are closed.

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