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Pouchongs are partially oxidized teas; typically with a lighter, very aromatic, floral character.

Pearl Pouchong | Pouchong Tea

Pearl Pouchong | Pouchong Tea

2 oz. $18.32

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This unique tea from Ylan in NE Taiwan is entirely hand-processed and produces a cup that is extremely fragrant. The steeped liquor is like drinking lilacs. It is sweet, silky, with a long, lovely, lingering aftertaste. Chances are you have never seen or tasted a pouchong like this.

Only available in 2 ounce quantities. Sold Out

Pouchong, Extra Fancy | Pouchong Tea

Pouchong, Extra Fancy | Pouchong Tea

4 oz. $23.97

This pouchong tea is vacuum-packed at the factory to ensure absolute quality and freshness. The leaf is hand-made and a little darker than many pouchongs. The steeped cup is wonderfully aromatic with sweet lilac notes. The liquor is sweet, silky-smooth, full of flavor, with that lovely lilacy pouchong-esque character.

Only available in 4 ounce quantities.

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