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TeaOne Brewer

TeaOne Brewer

This is one of the easiest ways to make great tea. The TeaOne melds the steeping carafe (on top) with a glass serving pitcher (on the bottom). When the leaves have steeped the correct amount of time in the steeping carafe, simply press the button and the tea dispenses into the glass serving pitcher below. The lid serves as a coaster for the steeping carafe. This works with all kinds of teas and is great with teas that yield multiple infusions.

Capacity: 6 ounces
Dimensions: 6" x 3.25"(excluding handle)

Glass Gongfu Teapot

Glass Gongfu Teapot

This is a great way to enjoy tea, using the gongfu style of tea preparation. This borosilicate glass is small (6 oz.), but meant to steep the same leaves many times. Comes with a stainless steel strainer in the spout.
Height: 3.4"

Bodum, Assam Teapot, 17 oz

Bodum, Assam Teapot, 17 oz

This two-cup glass teapot has a stainless steel press filter that keeps tea separated from the water after its done steeping. Simple preparation and easy cleanup.

Bodum, Assam Teapot, 34 oz

Bodum, Assam Teapot, 34 oz

This four-cup glass teapot has a stainless steel press filter that keeps the tea leaves separate from the water once you are done steeping. Easy to brew and simple to clean!

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