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Entertaining With Tea

Greet with Tea
In Asia, it is customary to greet every guest with a cup of tea. Serving tea is shown as a sign of respect and honor. Enhance your party with the addition of great tea!

Tea & Food Pairing
Tea can complement any meal. Pair similar or contrasting flavors. Listed below are some general suggestions for pairing tea with food:

Tea Pairing
Continental Breakfast
Assams, Keemuns, or other strong black teas
Appetizers/Light SavoryMeals
Yunnans, Ceylons, Darjeelings, oolongs
Fish/Poultry or Vegetarian Meal
Oolongs, greens, Dark tea, Jasmine
Beef/Spicy/Hearty Meal
Puerhs, Keemuns, darker oolongs
Flavored black teas, Earl Grey, Jasmine
Before or After Dinner
White teas, greens, light flavored greens

Preparing Tea for Large Groups

Tea Concentrate
Add 1 1/2 cup (3 oz.) of dry tea leaves to one quart water. Steep the tea at the temperature and time indicated on the tea package. Strain or remove the leaves. Use two tablespoons of tea concentrate for each 8 oz. cup of hot (not boiling) water.
Makes approximately 25 cups.

Using T-Sacs

  • Put 10 rounded measuring teaspoons of loose tea in a # 4 T-Sac. Fold the opening over and staple securely shut. This will make ten cups of tea. Make as many of these teabags as needed.
  • In an extra-large stock pot, bring water to the appropriate temperature (indicated on the tea package). The amount of water should equal the number of cups of tea you want.
  • Drop the pre-made #4 T-Sacs into the water, steep the appropriate time.
  • Remove the tea bags and serve.

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