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Minnesota N'Ice Iced Tea Pouches

    Minnesota N'Ice Iced Tea Pouches

    It's the perfect fishing buddy: sweet and silent. Tastes like oranges with a floral touch and pairs nicely with a cabin at the lake. Contains black tea, jasmine green tea, flavor, lemongrass, rose petals, cornflower.

    These award-winning, pre-filled pouches make preparing perfect iced tea incredibly easy. There are four, one-ounce pouches in each package. Simply drop one pouch in a gallon container at night, fill to the top with room temperature water, and put in the fridge. Voila! In the morning, you have a perfect gallon of iced tea - simply remove the iced tea pouch. You can also use these pouches to make larger quantities of hot tea quickly and easily.

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    Price: $9.99


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