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Book of Tea

    Book of Tea

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    By Okakura Kakuzo, with an introduction by Bruce Richardson.
    Originally published in 1906, The Book of Tea is considered one of the most influential books on tea. Written by Okakura Kakuzo, a Japanese scholar, it introduces the metaphors and artistry of the Japanese tea spirit to Western culture. This new edition by Elmwood Press contains an original introduction by Bruce Richardson that provides historical context and interesting background on the author. This edition also contains dozens of color illustrations based on old Japanese wood cuts, paintings, and old photos that have never before been published. A must have for a true tea enthusiast. 103 pages.

    The following is an excerpt: "Great has been the influence of the tea masters in the field of art, it is as nothing compared to that which they have exerted on the conduct of life. Not only in the usages of polite society, but also in the arrangement of all our domestic details, do we feel the presence of the tea masters. Many of our delicate dishes, as well as our way of serving food, are their inventions. They have taught us to dress only in garments of sober colors. They have instructed us in the proper spirit in which to approach flowers. They have given emphasis to our natural love of simplicity, and shown us the beauty of humility. In fact, through their teachings, tea has entered the life of the people."

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